My Show/Food/Resort Reviews

I don’t make recommendations on “what to do” in Vegas, because everyone’s tastes are sooo different.  However, my TikTok is full of nothing but ideas & reviews!  And for those who insist on knowing MY PERSONAL favorites things…


“From the moment I got off the plane to back on it, Heather made sure there was something to do and see.  She is very knowledgeable about historical landmarks, the beautiful scenery, and countless restaurants.  Thanks to her, I have the greatest photos and memories!”

– Tracy Y.

“This was the first year we brought our children to Vegas, so we wanted to do things that were more family oriented.  We had no idea Vegas had a big horned sheep park and our kids loved it!  She also knew the good places to eat off the strip to save money.  Heather is funny, conversational, flexible, and we highly recommend.”

– The LaRocque Family

“Heather changed my view of what Vegas is and introduced me to more than just “casinos.”  She catered to my likes, asked the right questions, and came up with over 20 things to do.  Since I was alone, Heather joined me for many things and she was a delightful addition.  I will absolutely use her again and recommend her to anyone visiting Vegas.”

– Lysana D.

“I don’t think I would of enjoyed Vegas even a tenth as much without Heather’s guidance towards entertaining shows and places.  Thanks again for such memorable trips.”

– Tim B.