About Me

Hey y’all.. I’m Heather!  You probably found me on social media and while I used to provide awesome Vegas tours (as seen on TikTok), I’m now working full-time as a travel agent with the Travel + Leisure brand.  From the Louisiana/North Florida area, I moved to Vegas several years ago and never looked back!  Being in a city that always has new things to do AND a great international airport, I knew it was for me!  As a vacation lover, it’s what I spend most of my money on.. experiences & memories are better than materialistic things (imo).  I’m here to simply share all the fun with you!  

Full disclosure and transparency:  I do NOT accept payments or freebies to ACT like something is good if I personally think it’s garbage and I don’t include ads on my site for things I’ve never experienced myself.  With that being said, momma didn’t raise a fool, so if I accept a freebie to try something (things I know I like or has amazing reviews), I will indicate such!  This is not a job for me.. I simply do it for fun, which allows me to be completely unbiased!

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Click the link to book the exact tours, shows, & activities I share on my social media (or just get ideas). It helps me out and costs you no extra.

las vegas info and tips you may need!

Since Vegas is my home, here’s all the stuff I would want to share with you!  This is constantly updating, so be sure to check back!

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I don’t book much for the general public, but I make an exception for cruises!  Let me know if you need one!

personal travel help from me!

If you like the benefits of having someone do all the work for you and money is no object, I do offer one on one help to plan and book.


My favorite affiliate is definitely Maverick Helicopters!  They offer some of the best tours for Vegas, Hawaii, and Cali!  Click the link above to go to their home page to see all options and click the photos below to see my video experiences.