Itinerary Service

Please note, this can be completely done by you for FREE (I encourage that).  However, my planning service is for people who don’t have the time or desire to research Covid changes, make reservations, or put a timeline together based on the locations of their activities.

I only work with clients who know most of the things they want to do, but I can bounce ideas back and forth to fill in some blank spots.  Once activities are settled, I’ll make reservations and work up the schedule based on locations of activities, time of day (weather), and any other important factors (along with checking for money saving deals).  Itineraries can be adjusted if you need, whether it’s prior to arrival or in the spur of the moment while in Vegas (I’m very flexible).

Pricing Info: 

The upfront fee for this service is $10 per each day planned for (ex. 2 days = $20 and 7 days = $70). This fee will be paid prior to me beginning any work.  If you cancel prior to the initial itinerary being sent, the fee is refundable.  If you cancel your trip after I have sent the first draft on an itinerary, the fee is not refundable.

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