Driver Service

If you’re looking to have a personal driver during your stay in Vegas, I can assist with that.  The cost for this does run more than using Uber/Lyft or cabs, so please make sure you weigh your options based on what’s important to you.   This option is good for people wanting privacy, concerned about safety, needing flexibility, or those who simply want to hang with a Vegas local. 

Examples of people who use this service go to places like the Arts District, Chinatown, Fremont Street, photo ops with murals or cool spots in the casinos, off-strip local restaurants, museums, etc.  Please note: I don’t “create” plans for you.. I just help you execute your existing plans.  I will arrange your schedule to maximize time, park in the best areas, and lead you to the right spots!  When not needed at a stop, there may be times when I wait in the car.  


Rate is $40 per hour with a 2 hour minimum per day.  Even though I’m “on call” for your needs, I do have a personal life, so  I will let you know in advance if there’s blocks of time that I won’t be available.  A refundable deposit of $50  is required to secure your dates, to which you can cancel for a full refund up until 24 hrs. of 1st scheduled ride. 

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